Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:00 am CDT on April 19, 2014

... On this date in weather history...

In 1916... 8 tornadoes struck southeast Kansas and
southwest Missouri. The strongest was a violent F4 that
killed 6 and injured 19 along a path 65 miles long and
around one half mile wide. The tornado began 2 miles
northwest of ft. Scott. Shortly afterward... the twister
crossed the Kansas Missouri border and lifted just south
of Clinton Missouri. In 2000... 4 tornadoes struck
southeast Kansas. The strongest was an F3 that struck
downtown Parsons. A Tornado Warning gave officials time
to evacuate an outdoor carnival. The twister caused
major damage to 750 buildings and injured 27 people.
Another tornado... rated an F2... moved through Erie. It
injured 3 people and heavily damaged 12 homes.The 4
tornadoes caused nearly $72 million damage.

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