Public Information Statement

Statement as of 12:10 PM EDT on September 19, 2014

... A freeze ends the growing season in northern and western New
Hampshire and the mountains and foothills of Maine...

Temperatures fell into the 20s and 30s across most of New Hampshire
and western Maine overnight. As of this morning... the coldest
temperature reported was a frosty 17 degrees at Jackman, Maine.
Based on overnight temperatures, widespread freezing temperatures
and/or heavy killing frosts had ended the growing season in the
following zones:

In New Hampshire... northern Coos southern Coos northern Grafton
southern Grafton northern Carroll southern Carroll Sullivan

In western Maine... northern Oxford southern Oxford northern
Franklin southern Franklin Central Somerset southern Somerset

The National Weather Service will no longer issue freeze warnings or
frost advisories for these zones this year.

Further south... scattered areas of freezing temperatures and/or
heavy frost occurred. For these areas, the National Weather Service
will continue to issue freeze warnings and frost advisories until a
more widespread freeze occurs.

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