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Updated: 11:00 PM GMT on November 21, 2014
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Weather Underground midday recap for Friday, November 21, 2014

A strong Pacific system approached the Pacific Northwest on Friday, while showers and thunderstorms developed over the Deep South.

A low pressure system approached the West Coast on Friday. Flash flood watches were issued in northern California, as moderate to heavy rain developed across western Washington, western Oregon and northern California. Quillayute, Wash., reported a midday total of 0.87 inches of rain. Brookings, Ore., reported a midday total of 0.67 inches of rain. In anticipation of high elevation snow showers, winter storm warnings were issued across portions of the Washington Cascades and the Rockies. In addition, high wind warnings were issued in southern Oregon, northern California and northwest Nevada. Sandberg, Calif., recorded wind speeds of 46 mph. Meanwhile, scattered showers shifted across the Desert Southwest as an area of low pressure weakened over the region.

Coastal flood advisories were issued in southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi on Friday as showers and thunderstorms fired up along the western Gulf Coast and the central Plains. Crockett, Texas, reported a midday total of 0.94 inches of rain. Just to the north, freezing rain advisories were issued across Iowa, southern Wisconsin, Illinois, northwest Indiana and Michigan.

Lake effect snow warnings remained in place over western New York as snow showers continued to impact the state. Cowlesville, N.Y., reported 88.0 inches of snow on the ground on Friday. Scattered showers developed over the southern tip of Florida, while the remainder of the East Coast stayed clear of precipitation.

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