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Updated: 12:00 AM GMT on September 23, 2014
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Weather Underground Forecast for Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A low pressure system will deepen over the nation’s midsection on Tuesday, while a separate area of low pressure will approach the West Coast.

A strong low pressure system will approach the northwestern corner of the country on Tuesday. This system will usher gusty winds and stormy weather across the Pacific Northwest, bringing periods of heavy rain to the Cascades. Scattered showers will also be possible over portions of northwest California. High pressure over the eastern Pacific will keep the remainder of the West Coast and the Great Basin mostly clear of precipitation.

Meanwhile, a separate area of low pressure will emerge over the northern Plains on Tuesday. This system will draw remnant moisture from the southern Rockies to initiate showers and thunderstorms across the nation’s midsection. The upper Intermountain West will likely avoid stormy weather.

A weakening area of low pressure will linger over the Southeast. As moisture from the Gulf of Mexico surges across the region, rain and thunderstorms will fire up over the eastern Gulf Coast and the southern Mid-Atlantic. The strongest storm are expected to focus over Florida. In addition, high pressure will be centered over the Ohio Valley, bringing cool, dry conditions to the Great Lakes and the Northeast. Freezing temperatures will affect New England during the early morning hours on Tuesday.

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